All SGI Coaches are nationally certified. They are dedicated and passionate about providing top quality training with a technically sound and SAFE class to all of SGI’s members. Our organization takes responsibility to ensure that every child develops good physical skills and is taken to their fullest potential. We strive to create a family oriented atmosphere where our members will develop a lifetime of memories.

SGI’s Head Coach, Alanna Kerler

Alanna Kerler isAlanna-TR2 the Head Coach of SGI. She has made the club what it is today. A place where gymnastics is not only fun and challenging, but like a second home to the athletes. Alanna has over 30 years of coaching experience and is currently coaching the High performance, National and Provincial level athletes and also oversees all our competitive programs. She is well known for her innovative choreography and has won numerous awards. Alanna has produced many champions on the national and provincial floors. She has been named team coach for many teams representing Ontario and Canada. Alanna previously sat on the Gymnastics Ontario Women’s Technical committee.

Chris Hanley

Chris-TRWith over 30 years of coaching experience, Chris Hanley has become an integral part of our coaching staff. He has been instrumental in raising the competitive level of our gym. Strength and flexibility training is an important part of our atheletes conditioning program. Chris is responsible for the design and implementation of these programs as well as our competition programing. We are proud to have athletes now competing on the world stage. Chris is currently coaching our High Performance, National and Provincial level gymnasts. Chris has amassed numerous champions in both mens and womens gymnastics, as well as power tumbling and trampoline. He has also represented  Canada at many national and international competitions. Chris previously sat on the Men’s Technical committee.


Liz Dicker-Mati

Liz-TRLiz has been an essential part of our competitive team. With over 18 years of competitive coaching experience at Shenderey Gymnastics and over 30 years of coaching, she has worked with a wide range of ages and abilities. Her expertise has been a huge part of the success of our team. She has had numerous Provincial Champions and event Champions. She is also known for her choreography and has won many awards for her creativity.


Kayla Boungnaseng

We are pleased to welcome Kayla as the newest member to our competitive coaching staff. Kayla has been a member at Shenderey Gymnastics both as a former National level athlete and now as a coach. She brings a new perspective to our team and relates with the athletes on a different level. We are looking forward to seeing her grow as a coach.